At Chiquen all of our chickens come from happy little chicken farms in East Anglia produced by British farmers who care about their product which is always fresh and never frozen. We have chosen to only serve halal chicken as a reflection of the diversity in our communities.

  • Norfolk
  • Cambirdgeshire
  • Suffolk
  • Essex
  • Our farmers love their chickens

At Chiquen all of our chickens are marinated in our unique recipe to ensure that we get the flavor right through and deliver a juicy succulent bird every time. In fact our chickens are so tasty that you can eat them plain and simply fire grilled. We make our sauces in small batches in our chiqui kitchen to ensure freshness as we do not use any artificial ingredients. The inspiration for our sauces come from travel experiences that we, our friends and family have shared with us. We love to travel and discover new flavours, if you have a place we should visit or a recipe we should try drop us a line and be part of the Chiqui journey.

sicilian mild sauce

Our mild sauce takes it’s cues from a traditional Mediterranean recipe made with garlic, tangy Sicilian lemons and freshly picked herbs.

old delhi spicy sauce

Our fab spicy sauce is based on the sauces we tasted on the medieval lanes of Jama Masjid, Old Delhi.

mozambique fiery sauce

Our fiery sauce is influenced by the one we ate at the Copa Cabana beach Shack by the light house in Beira.

Malaccan Volcanic Sauce

Our volcanic sauce was inspired by the one we tried at a chicken restaurant called Mama Da Silvha’s in Malacca.

The Chiqui Way

Chicken is a truly global food. At Chiquen as you’ve guessed, we love chicken however it comes, but we particularly like it grilled. Chiquen is inspired by humble outdoor street canteens, grills and shacks that serve good, honest and original food. They exist all over the world many of us have visited them on our travels abroad. No matter where you are, a beach in Thailand or a back street canteen in Delhi; they all have something in common, they are family run, unpretentious and vivacious places that serve delicious wholesome food.

We are on a journey to discover new sauces, marinades and flavours with an aim of bringing you back the best from our travels.



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